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Eemaan International school was established in having 2 branches in Hyderabad the pearl city of India,the Islamic ethos of the school is of the utmost importance. In order to promote the Islamic ethos, Eemaan International School places strong emphasis on Islamic manners, behavior, punctuality, Islamic dress code, mutual respect for fellow pupils and utmost respect for staff and parents.

Eemaan International school provides an environment in which the student can learn, understand and practice islam as way of life and also develop their personality, skills etc. Eemaan International School provides Islamic education along side the majority of subjects from the India Educational Curriculum.

Our hope is that, by providing high quality Islamic and National Curriculum education for the Muslim community, in accordance with the Noble Qur'an and Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (saw), we will ultimately produce students who practice ISLAM and serve the Deen of ALLAH. Our purpose is to produce great scholars and Huffazalong with doctors, engineers, pilots to preserve and transmit the eternal message of Allah.

The institution helps children to explore and develop their Islamic identity as a natural part of their mental, emotional and personal development. The school aims to prepare Muslim students to be good Muslims and responsible citizens; to embed in the student a sense of discipline; to enable them to grow up to become upright, respectable and worthy citizens of their respective countries.

Let the quest of your child for wisdom and success begin with us. Let us give our children the environs to groom their potential, their talent in an Islamic way. Let us train them to seek and achieve success in all spheres of life.

We at our school are also resolute to make our children learn and practice the Islamic way of life. To accomplish this in a more structured manner we have adopted the IQRA syllabus a widely popular course as our Islamic teaching curriculum. We have makki and madani scholars to teach them best of the deen to student along with the best teachers to teach other subjects too. We have very well experienced teachers who have the ability to groom you child & bring interest in their education.

Understanding the need of the hour we have introduced following features

  • DEDICATED AND QUALIFIED TEACHERS for academics and HAFIZ, ALIMS HUFAZ AND ULEMAS to Teach Qur’aan, Arabic Language.
  • Islamic Studies under the guidance of Makki & Madani Scholars.
  • Modern technology and audio-visual facilities to impart education.
  • Air Conditioned and well equipped class rooms.
  • 20 to 30 students per class to maintain student-teacher relations & Individual attention.
  • Congregational salah offered daily in school.
  • Well Organized bus service.
  • Trained care takes to handle children to fulfill their needs.
  • Segregated class rooms for boys and girls from 4th standard onwards.
  • Monitoring the classes through latest CCTV Cameras.



Provide an environment in which the student can learn, understand and practice 'Islam' the way of life and also develop their personality, soft skills etc. which make them confident to face the dynamic challenges in every aspect of life.



Debicated and Qualified teachers for academics and hafiz, Aalims to teach Quran, Arabic language and islamic studies under the guidance of makki & Madani scholars. Modern technology and Audio-Visual facilities to impart education.



Trained care takers to handle children and to fulfil their needs. Our principle goal at School Bus Services is to assist students to attend school regularly.Behaviour in the bus must be polite. Loud-talking, playing games, or running will not be permitted.



Kishan Bagh

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Pochamma gadda, Santoshnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana.

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H.no: 9-4-135/D/8/2, Vali Colony, Near Sana Hotel, Seven tombs Road, Tolichowki, Shaikpet, Hyderabad


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Moin Bagh

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Admission are under progress all the parents are requested to call on +91 9393886677.
Makki and Madani Scholars to Teach Qur'aan and Arabic Language and embibe Islamic Values in children .
Dedicated and Well Trained Teachers to Teach CBSE Cirriculam.