At Eemaan International School

We Inshallah would give our students
  • Masterly command over English language.
  • Basic Understanding of oral and written Arabic. (Quranic Arabic)
  • All age appropriate lessons in Math, Science and Social.
  • Essential Islamic Studies covering.
    • Lessons of Quran- Recitation with tajweed
    • Memorizing the 30th part of Quran (from 1st to 3rd standard.)
    • Learning the English Translation of selected surahs.
    • Sirah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
    • Sirah of Prophets and sahaba (ra)
    • Lessons of Islamic History
    • Lessons of Islamic etiquettes


CBSE syllabus

Our School would follow CBSE syllabus from nursery to class V. CBSE books published by publishers supplying books to reputed schools have been chosen for following the Math, Science, Social and English Curriculum.

Smart classes would aid our students conceptualise their subjects better.

Languages including national language Hindi and regional languages (Telugu/Urdu) would be introduced in appropriate classes.

For Nursery and Preprimary (PPI and PPII ) Montessori Teaching method would be used.

Playway and show and do techniques would be followed rather than chalk and talk method.

Islamic Studies

For Arabic teaching (Quranic Arabic) syllabus of Understand Al Quran Academy would be followed. This system has been developed by Dr. Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem Associate Professor at King Fahad University after 20 years of learning and teaching Quran and Neuro linguistic programming.

For Essential Islamic Studies Iqra Foundation syllabus of Bombay and Chicago would be followed.

Holistic Education

Art and Craft teaching , Computer Skills training and participation in Olympiads and literary fests would be mandatory.

Regular visits to museums, science fairs, and places of historic importance would be made.

Physical growth would be aided by indoor games, Karate training and periodic visits to playground.

Admission are under progress all the parents are requested to call on +91 9393886677.
Makki and Madani Scholars to Teach Qur'aan and Arabic Language and embibe Islamic Values in children .
Dedicated and Well Trained Teachers to Teach CBSE Cirriculam.